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 Chanteurs-crystal de Ballybran (A McCaffrey)

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Jezabel Charlotte


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MessageSujet: Chanteurs-crystal de Ballybran (A McCaffrey)   Mar 15 Sep - 19:27

univers de McCaffrey
systeme : PROFILER


Ressources sur le net :




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Jezabel Charlotte


Messages : 1967
Date d'inscription : 15/09/2008
Localisation : NY ou CLUB DE L'ABSYNTHE

MessageSujet: Re: Chanteurs-crystal de Ballybran (A McCaffrey)   Mar 15 Sep - 19:28


Ampris: (K) An Elder of the planet Optheria. He was responsible for the Music Complex during Killashandra's time on the planet. One of the Elders who had to answer to the Supreme Judiciary regarding their governance of the planet.
Amon: (CS) Senior Captain. He piloted the shuttle from Ballybran to Shankill as Killashandra was leaving for the Trundimoux assignment.
Andurs: (CS) Captain of the Rag Blue Swan Delta. He tried to persuade Killashandra not to apply to the Heptite Guild.
Antona: (CS, K) Chief Medical Officer of the Heptite Guild. Became one of Killashandra's friends.
Apharian Four Satellite Miners League: (CL, c1)
Asramantal:(CL) crystal carton carrier on last trip to Opal. Helped Boira get Killa back to the ship.
Ardlor Bart:(c3) Crystal Singer. the Continuum equivalent of Moksoon. Described as "an immensely sullen yellow-skinner Coombsite."


Bajorn: (K) Travel Officer, Shanganagh moon base.
Balderol: (K) Optherian Music Conservatory instructor whose students were waiting for the main conservatory organ to be repaired.
Ballala: (K) Angel Islander.
Ballivor: (c4)
Bart: (K) Angel Islander. Gave Lars his handset and antigrav unit as the hurricane was building.
Bascum: (K) One of the founding fathers of Optheria. Makes a potent brew. Originally from Yarra.
Biyanco: (CL, C2) Brewman of Harmat. Killashandra's second Trefoil bedmate.
Blackwell Triad:(CL) Came looking for crystals
Blaz: (K) Security Leader of Optheria's Music Center. Causes Killa's exit into Gartertown.
Bollam: (CL) Trag's replacement as Lanzecki's assistant.
Borella Seal: (CS) CS who gave Class 895 their full disclosure. Was trained by one of the original singers.
Borton: (CS, L) class 895. from Amodeus VII, Argma. Had his second mate's deep space certificate as well as radiology qualifications. Oldest member of class 895. Paired with Jezerey. Was a CS after adaptation.
Brassner: (K) part of Nahia's entourage
Brendan: (CL) Ship half of the BB 1066. Killashandra and Lars' transport to Opal.
Boira: (CL) Brawn half of the BB1066, but not present on the Opal mission.


Carrigana: (CS) Class 895. Died during symbiont adaptation.
Carrik: (CS, c1) The first Crystal Singer Killashandra meets. Shows her the resort life of Fuerte. Is rendered into a vegetable state from a sonic blast at Fuerte's shuttle port.
Castair: (K) Optherian. Blaz's second in command. Had been known to look the other way for student romps.
Celee: (CS) class 895. Spacer. Made only a tolerable adjustment, but retained his senses and was assigned to shuttle piloting.
Chadria: (K) Brawn of the scout ship CS914, which transported Killashandra and others from Optheria
Chasurt: (CS) Captain and chief medical officer on the Trundimoux ship.
Clarend nab Ost: (CL) Cutter technician
Clodine: (CL) Sorter. Enthor's replacement. From Scarteen.
Comgail: (K) Lars' composition tutor. Destroyed the crystal manual of the main Optherian Festival Organ.
Concera: Crystal Singer who trained Killashandra in the basics of her new craft (rules and regs etc.) Had past training in music.
Corish von Mittelstern: (K) met Killa on the FSPS Athena. Cover story said from Rheingarten in Beta Jungische system. In reality FSP agent looking for Olav Dahl.
Crookback: (CS) recruit nickname for the Guild meditech with an odd crook to one shoulder.


Danin: (CS) Guildmember in Flight Control on Ballybran. Falnog, Jezerey and Borton were told to take their pilot cards to him.
Dian Fiske-Ulass: (CL) Donalla's mother
Donalla Fiske-Ulass: (CL) Originated from Fuerte, came to the Heptite Guild due to an uncurable disease. Becomes a researcher.
Dooth: (CS) Crystal Singer. Cut a lovely piece of rose quartz that Kilashandra saw while sorting with Enthor.


Enthor: (CS, K) crystal sorter. Originated fom Hyperion.
Erutown: (K) part of Nahia's entourage. Denounced as a recruited by the Optherian authorities.


Falanog: (CS) Member of class 895. He was already qualified on surface and shuttle craft at training time.
Fanerine:(CL) Crystal Singer who comments during Lars' speech to the CS's that have cut Black after Killashandra's return from Trefoil
Fergil:(c4) Crystal Singer.
Festinel: (K) Captain of the cruiser that takes Killa and Lars from Angel Island to the City.
Fernock: (K) Engineering officer of the cruiser that takes Killa and Lars from Angel Island to the City.
Fisher: (also known by The Fisherman): Heptite Guild Cutter Technician.
Fiske-Ulass, Governor: Governor of Fuerte
Flicken:(CL) pilot of the shuttle carrying LArs and Killa back to Ballybran after the last Opal trip.
Ford: (CS) Reception attendant of the transient accommodations, Shankill Moon Base
Francu: (CS) Star Captain of the Trundimoux Navy
Formeut: (c4)Crystal Singer
Fugastri: (CS) CS known for being a devil, according to Enthor.
Funadormi: (K) Baliff of Grand Felony Court 256, Regulus Base


Garnish, Skipper:(CL) Referred to while on Trefoil. Orric said he needed "another good run."
Gobbain Tekla: (K) Crystal Singer. He was also being considered for the Optherian assignment. Failed musician.
Gorren: (CS) Crystal singer known for his clack crystal cuttings
Gray, Bontel Aba: (CS) FSP Civil Service on Shankill Moon Base. Conducted the formalities to assure the FSP that Killashandra had received full disclosure from the Heptite Guild.


Hauness: (K) Nahia's escort. Trained hypnotherapist.
Heglana: (CS) Chief Marketing Officer of the Heptite Guild
Hendra Ree: (CL) Medic who escorted Donalla to Ballybran. One of Killashandra's relatives.


Ibray:(c3) Crystal Singer. One of Killashandra's possible shepherds.


Jaygrin:(CL) Crystal Singer. Part of the group Lars was trying to convince to cut from coordinates.
Jezerey: (CS)class 895. from Salonika in the Antares group where she was a limb replacement specialist. Paired with Borton. CS after adaptation.
Jorell: (K) driver of the harbor boat as the Angel Island hurricane was brewing.


Keborgen: (CS) Crystal Singer owner of a very profitable black crystal claim that Killashandra commandeered after his demise.
Keralaw: (K) owner of the Angel Island shop with the archaic information unit. Helpful to Killa after she rescued herself.
Killashandra Ree: (CS,K, CL, c1-c4) Class 895. Born and Raised on Fuerte where she studied music. Became a Crystal Singer upon learning that singing would not be the career she thought.
Klera Saplinson-Trill: (CL) scientist studying planet Opal's "Fluid Metal"


Lanzecki: (CS, K, CL, c2, c3, c4) originated from Yarrah, Guildmaster of the Heptite Guild at Killashandra's recruitment.
Lars Dahl: (K, CL, c2) First Angel Islander to get into the Music conservatory. Killa's mystery tenor. Later Killashandra's partner, lover and Guildmaster of the Heptite Guild. Referred to as Larsdahl in Continuum 2.


Mama Tulla (K) owner of the washline Lars "borrowed" a shirt and kaftan from
Mashid: (CL) Greeter and guide of Killashandra and Lars' Nihal III vacation.
Marichandim: (CL) Crystal Singer. One of the 20 recalled by Lars for the big order of Black.
Milekey, Barry: leader of the team dispatched to investigate the geological resources of Ballybran. Discovered the amazing qualities of Black Crystal.
Malaine: (CS) Cargo Officer, Main Hanger, Ballybran
Mandoll: (K) cook at the Angel Island BBQ when the schooner came in
Max Ennert:( CL, c2) Armagh III sea-fruit farmer.
Mirbethan: (K) part of Killashandra's Optherian "quartet"
Mistra: (CS) class 895. Paired with Shillawn. CS after adaptation.
Moksoon: (CS) Killashandra's shepherd into the ranges. Has a love for pink quartz
Monastarian: ship going race that Andurs makes reference to on Shankill.
Murr: (CL) Flight Officer at the Guild Cube at Lanzecki's death.


Nahia: (K) Optherian empath. "goodness personified"


Olav Dahl: (K) Lars' father. Angel Island Harbor master. Late an FSP agent.
Olin: (CS) CS friend of Borella
Olver: (K) part of Nahia's entourage
Orric Thursday: (CL) Fisherman. Wears a red beard. Has an interest in computers and often did wharfman's chores.


Pat: (CL) Heptite Guild Harbor Master at beginning of Crystal Line.
Pedder: (K) Optherian Elder. Afflicted with motion sickness.
Pendel: (CS) Senior Lieutenant Supercargo of the "fill in ship name here". Yarran. Employed by the Mining Consortium, not the Trundi Council
Pentrom: (K) Optherian Elder. Medical Supervisor. Against alcoholic beverages.
Penwyn: (CL) Brain. Planetary Manager of Nihal III. Was in Brendan's class.
Pirinio: (K) part of Killashandra's Optherian "quartet"
Polabod: (K) part of Killashandra's Optherian "quartet"
Prale: (K) On the boat with Lars when he abducted Killa.
Presnol Outerad: (CL) Antona's replacement as Chief Medical Officer


Rimbol Chenstalaz: (CS, K, CL) Crystal Singer, friend of Killashandra's from class 895. Originated from Scartine where he was a string instrumentalist.
Reticulans: (K) known for their croons. Looks like “an assembly of twigs on a barrel.”
Ritwili:(CL) Supply Officer
Rory: (c1) Possible student, a party was being held there after Killa's music final.
Rudney Saplinson-Trill:(CL) scientist studying planet Opal's "fluid metal"


Samel: (K) Brain of the scout ship CS914, which transported Killashandra and others from Optheria
Selkite: non-oxygen breathing race.
Shad Tucker: (CL, c2) Armagh fisherman. Blond and blue eyed. Had sailed the seas of four worlds before landing on Armagh. Killashandra's third Trefoil bedmate.
Shamus Thursday: (c2) Orric Thursday from Crystal Line.
Shillawn Agus Vartry: (CS) class 895. was a chemotech. Was deaf after adaptation and assigned to research.
Siglinda: (CL) Crystal Singer. One of the twenty called back by Lars to fill the large order for Blacks.
Simcon: (K) Part of the security group that pissed Killashandra off.
Soothi: (CL) crystal carton carrier on last trip to Opal. Helped Boira get Killa back to the ship.
Sunny: (K, CL) Lars' nickname for Killashandra.


Tac: (CS) female subordinate officer, Trundimoux Navy. One of Killa's escorts.
Tallaf: (CS) Senior Lieutenant Engineer, Trundimoux Navy
Tanny: (K) Lars' partner on Angel Island.
Teradia: (K) Lars' grandmother. Makes Killa presentable for the elders.
Terasolli:(CL) singer who installed the black crystal for the Blackwell Triad.
Theach: (K) part of Nahia's entourage
Thyrol: (K) part of Killashandra's Optherian "quartet"
Tiagana:(CL) Crystal Singer. Part of the group LArs was trying to convince to cut from coordinates.
Tic: (CS) female subordinate officer, Trundimoux Navy. One of Killa's escorts.
Tir Od Nell:(CL) Armagh Fisherman. Black Beard. Working the Lunk season before returning to his usual inland job. Killashandra's first Trefoil bedmate.
Tir Donnell:(C2) Tir Od Nell equivalent in Continuum 2.
Torkes: (K) Optherian Elder. Holds the Communications Seat.
Trag Morfane: (CS, K) assistant Guildmaster and in charge of training Crystal Singers
Trundimoux: (CS) mining group that Killa installed black crystal for.
Tukolom: (CS) advisor for new guild recruits until adaptation a basic training is over. Aurigan by birth.


Uyad: (Uyad-vuic-Holm) (CS)disgruntled singer who brought his cut for Enthor's inspection while Killa was assisting. Brought the appearance of the Guild Master.


Valdi, Esmond Maestro: (CS, c1) Killashandra's teacher at Fuerte Music Center.
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Jezabel Charlotte


Messages : 1967
Date d'inscription : 15/09/2008
Localisation : NY ou CLUB DE L'ABSYNTHE

MessageSujet: Re: Chanteurs-crystal de Ballybran (A McCaffrey)   Mar 15 Sep - 19:28

Armagh: (CL) Armagh III contains the continent Trefoil. It has a pleasant tropical zone with plentiful water sports. Local culinary talents tend to lean towards fish and fruits. Major exports are fish oils and glue.
Amodeus VII, Argma (CS) Borton's home world. Fishing is done the old-fashioned way there.
Baliol:(CL) Lars refers to it in a sentence with Maxim, so it may be a similar planet.
Balisdel:(CS) nearest manufacturing system to Trundimoux.
Ballybran: (CS, K, CL c1-c4) Home of the Heptite Guild. No unauthorized planetary landings section 907, code 4, paragraphs 78-90.
Bernard’s World: (K) one of 4 exchanges on Killashandra’s trip to Optheria
Buckwell's Star:(c4) referred to as a dull place
Copper: (CS) Trundimoux mining station
Fuerte: (CS, K, CL, c1, c3) Killashandra Ree’s homeworld. Conservative government. Pacific. Known to make good hosts to Ballybran symbiont
Flag III:(CL) Where Lars saw Angel II's sister ships and fell in love.
Hardesty: (CS) revolution referred to by Carrik.
Hyperion: (CS) home planet of Enthor. One of the first planets settled in Alpha Proxima.
Iron: (CS) Trundimoux mining station
Kachachurian: (K) nothing really said of it.
Kunjab: (K)one of 4 exchanges on Killashandra’s trip to Optheria
Mandalay: (CL) one of the worlds Shad Tucker has fished on. Caught one of the largest "Skaters" (a type of fish) on record.
Maxim: (K) pleasure planet in the Barderi system. A much sought after destination.
Melorica: (K) one of 4 exchanges on Killashandra’s trip to Optheria
Murtagh River:(CL) Referred to by Biyanco. "The tuner's got a waiting list as long as Murtagh River." It is likely a very long river on Armagh III.
Nepal: (CL) Planet Sherpa's (Nihal III) main continent.
Nihal III: (CL) aka: Planet Sherpa. In the Lepus sector. Has unusual recreation facilities and viewed as a honeymoon spot. Known for its mountain sports. Catering wears the Four Comets of Gastronomical Excellence.
Opal: (CL) in the 478-S-2937 system in the Libran area of space. A crystal like life form inhabits its surface.
Optheria: (K) self-sufficent planet that imported the minimum. Ballybran crystal was allowed for the organ because music is natural. Censorship and subliminal conditioning was used to keep residents from desiring residence elsewhere.
Parnell's World:(c4) Offered various activities of pleasure and vice.
Rani: (K) in the Punjab system. One of Ballybran’s four neighbors. Suggested by Antona as the best of the four for rest and relaxation. It has marvelous hot springs.
Rappahoe: (K) one of 4 exchanges on Killashandra’s trip to Optheria
Regulus Base: Home to the FSP main offices (at least the judicial branch)
Rheingarten: (K) in the Beta Jungische system. Used as the planet of origin for Corish's cover story.
Rommell: (c4)
Salonika: (CS) Home of Jezery. A mining world due to the asteroid belts around it and the neighboring planet. Limb replacement is a large industry.
Scarteen: (CS, K, CL) In the Huntsman system. Home of Clodine and Rimbol. Known for its sailing in the Great Oceans.
Shankill: largest of Ballybran’s 3 moons. Main transfer station and home of the Guild’s off planet offices. The moon base had been operating 334 years standard galactic at Killashandra's first stay there.
Shanganagh: middle of Ballybran’s moons. Where BB1066 waited for Lars and Killashandra for transport to Opal
Sherpa: (CL) Nihal III
Shilmore: innermost and smallest of Ballybran’s moons. Greenish tint.
Spindrift:(CL) One of the worlds Shad Tucker fished on. Has crackerjaw fish.
Taliesin:(c4) Four travel days from Ballybran. Musically inclined world that believes Crystal Singers seduce people into the Guild.
Trace:(CS)the homeworld of Barry Milekey
Trefoil: (CL)on the southeasten coast of the main continent of Armagh III. Killashandra's vacation spot while estranged from Lars. The Golden Dolphin boasts the best local brew.
Trundimoux (CS) Miners. Has one habitable planet, one ice planet, one gas planet and three asteroid belts
Weasust (CS) where the first off-planet crystal singer death occured.
Welladay:(CL) one of the worlds Shad Tucker has been on. He fished Welladay Whales.
Yarra: home of Yarran beer

Places on Ballybran

Bay Area
Blue Range (CS, c1): Range reffered to by Carrik, northeast of the Guild Cube
Brerreton Range (CS): Range almost directly south of the Guild Cube
Buland (CS) South Durian continent, on the coast of the Great Ocean. Referred to during the storm showing
Hoyland (CS) South Durian continent, on the coast of the Great Ocean. Referred to during the storm showing
Joslin Plateu: Where most foodstuffs were grown including: fruits, vegetables, grasses, lichens, fungi and exotics.
Long Plain:(CS) east of the guild cube
Milekey Range: named after Barry Milekey, northeast of the guild cube
North Ballinteer: (CS) Farming land with snow sports in the winter.
Ghanghe Range:(CL) once had plentiful blues, now all mined out.
Great Ocean (CS) Tsunami prone. North Durian continent has a coast on it.
South Durian Continent (CS) has a shore on the Great Ocean
Tortugal Hills:(c3)
White Sea:(CS) mentioned in relation to other places, west of the Guild Cube.

Places on Optheria

Angel Island: (K, CL) Home of Lars Dahl
Bar Island: (K) badly hit by the hurricane.
Bailey (K) Home of one of the two manual organs.
Broad Sea: (K) Referred to, but not much said.
Everton (K) Home of one of the two manual organs.
Gartertown: (K) Where the illegal brewery was.
Ironwood (K) Where Nahia and Hauness' clinic is. It has a two manual organ.
the City: (K) Optheria's capital settlement.
Mainland: (K) 8000 kilos from the islands
Maitland (K) Referred to in passing.
North Harbor (K) Where Angel Island's main medical facilities were.
Palamo (K) Home of one of the two manual organs.
Ridge: (K) Part of Angel Island
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MessageSujet: Re: Chanteurs-crystal de Ballybran (A McCaffrey)   

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Chanteurs-crystal de Ballybran (A McCaffrey)
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